In 2005, when feature phones ruled the earth and iPhones didn't exist, Camura began as a way to post photos to a shared stream of pictures.

13 years later, it is increasingly rare that anyone visits the site to browse the archive, much less post a new photo or leave a comment.

In 2015, we turned off public browsing for Camura, so that only existing users could view photos, comments, profiles, and other content.

The last real attempt to update the site was in 2013, when we had to patch some bugs in the Ruby on Rails 2 framework that runs it, and migrate to a new hosting provider. Features were disappearing before that time, as services we relied on changed their offerings or went offline.

These days, a Rails 2 app running on the open web feels like a liability. We don't want to leak any of your personal data, should a breach occur, and we don't have the time or resources to update a website with almost no active use.

Thanks to everyone who played a part in the Camura community over the years!

Your photos and comment data are backed up securely. They are not lost!

If you'd like a copy of your Camura archive, please reach out to Marty at marty [AT]